• Why 'Undercover Autie'?
    Because I spent 26 years passing as a neurotypical person and am often met with surprise when I tell people about my diagnosis.

  • Is autism a learning disability/ mental illness?
    No. You can be autistic and have a learning disability and/or mental illness, but autism itself is neither. It has been called a developmental disorder, but many advocates prefer to call it a neurological difference.

  • Is there a cure for autism?
    No, and while there are some who want to find a cure, most autistic people do not want to be 'cured'.

  • What do these abbreviations stand for?
    ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
    ASC - Autism Spectrum Condition
    NT - Neurotypical (someone without autism or another neurological difference, eg: ADHD)
    ND - Neurodiverse (someone with a neurological difference like autism)
    Autie - Short for autistic