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What Is Burnout?

What Is Burnout?

#TakeTheMaskOff Campaign - Week 4

  • Burnout is wanting to make a cup of tea but there being too many steps for your brain to cope with.

  • Burnout is feeling like everything is too much, even light coming through the windows or the sound of footsteps.

  • Burnout is unwillingly tuning out halfway through a conversation because your brain is shutting off.

  • Burnout is toast for lunch and for dinner because you don't have the energy for anything else.

  • Burnout is getting irritable with everyone because your mind and body have already reached maximum capacity.

  • Burnout is feeling every bright light and loud sound as pain.

  • Burnout is not being able to speak.

  • Burnout is having to speak and being so tired that you get out of breath with the effort of it.

  • Burnout is having to rely on those around you to help you but also leave you alone.

  • Burnout is making breakfast and then having to lie down again before you have the energy to eat it.

  • Burnout means a dip in your mental health.

  • Burnout is having pushed and pushed until your body forces you to fall just to get you to stop.

  • Burnout is not being able to hold your phone because your hands are too tired.

  • Burnout is finding watching TV too strenuous.

  • Burnout is being unable to do the things you love.

  • Burnout is wanting to write prose but having to settle for bullet points.

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